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band of brothers - babe/roe - gentle beats

gentle beats | a babe/roe mix 
from the gentle beats of hearts that cling.

o1. the naked and famous, young blood
the bittersweet between my teeth, trying to find the in-betweens.
we lie beneath the stars at night, our hands gripping each other tight.
you keep my secrets hope to die. promises, swear them to the sky. can you
whisper, as it crumbles and breaks? as you shiver, count up all your
mistakes. pair of forgivers, let's go before it's too late.

o2. stars, the woods
that day we walked a little deeper, breathless and too alive to sleep.
you always said i was a dreamer, but i know who's dreaming deep. you
took me to the woods to show me something, but i'll turn my face away.
you touched me in the shade, but then it got darker, let's save it for
another day. let's save it for another day.

o3. vienna teng, the last snowfall
if this were the last snowfall, no more halos on evergreens. if this
were my last glimpse of winter, what would these eyes see. if this were
the last snow curling on your fingers in my palm, if this were the last
i've felt you breathing, how would i carry on? this is not the last
snowfall, not our last embrace. but i were that kind of grateful, what
would i try to say.

o4. voxtrot, blood red blood
lonely boy, where do we go. i'm stuck believing on the other side, stuck
on my own. run fast, retreating for a place to hide. how did we get so far
from the gentle beat of hearts that cling, held fast together in the dying day.
oh, i'm just trying to do my best. build my love in the things i say. it leaves
you like blood, red blood.

o5. florence + the machine, dog days are over (an optimo remix)
the dog days are over, the dog days are done, the dog days are over.

o6. octoberman, dancing with your ghost
guess the moon is shifting by the way you talk, so i sip my cold tea and
ignore that long goodbye. i am between sleeping and waking up, and i can
still see you in my mind's face. the street kids are watching us, and the
city is toxic, it's filled with cold and tired. i'm dancing with your ghost.
this feels like you're close. i'm dancing with your ghost.

o7. alessi's ark, the horse
i was told that kite flying's for lovers. i was told that we can't share the
covers. weren't you told son, that that's wrong by your mother? if you'd like
me to, i'll try to be brave like you. i know you'd like me too, i'll to be
pretty too.

o8. damien rice, sleep don't weep
sleep, don't weep, my sweet love. your face, it's all wet, and your day was rough.
so do what you must do, to find yourself, wear another's shoe or paint my shelves.
there's times when i was broke, and you stood strong, i think i found a place where
i feel i will... i hope i found a place where i feel i belong.

o9. cinematic orchestra, that home
where the doors are moaning all day long, where the stairs are leaning dusk to
dawn. where the windows are breathing in the light, where the rooms are a collection
of our lives. this is a place where i don't feel alone, this is a place that i call
my home.

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a/n: for awoken because she's made me epic amounts of fanmixes. this is a quiet little mix, like its title. i heard 'young blood' and couldn't get the idea of a babe/roe mix out of my head, and eventually i ended up with this. first four songs are during the war, last four songs are post-war. (or atleast that's how i see it in my head; interpret however you want!) enjoy the mix! (:

comments are love and appreciated greatly, as always!
Tags: - fandom; band of brothers, pairing; babexroe
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