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band of brothers - winters/nixon - after the bombs

after the bombs | a winters/nixon mix.
after the bombs subside, won't we go dancing?

o1. stars | the aspidistra flies
i dreamt of you last night, lying next to me in blue. all the umbrellas in london
couldn't hide my love for you. run to window and call out my name, we'll meet where
the sun goes to hide from the rain. all the umbrellas in london couldn't hide my love
for you. when everyone else is hiding, rainy sundays, drunk at two.

o2. the decemberists | after the bombs
after the bombs subside and this long, low campaign calls it good for the night.
we will meet in the streets, we grip at our hands, we hold just a little tight.
we pinch at our skin, while we wonder how we escaped harm. after the bombs, after
the bombs subside. then we'll go dancing. won't we go dancing? yes, we'll go dancing.
until it all starts over again.

o3. florence + the machine | hurricane drunk
no walls can keep me protected. no sleep, nothing inbetween me and the rain. and you
can't save me now, i'm in the grip of a hurricane, i'm gonna blow myself away. i'm going
out, i'm gonna drink myself to death. i know it's going to hurt, but i like to think at
least things can't get any worse.

o4. incubus | monuments and melodies
my hands are trembling and my eyes are on fire. this house is crumbling, left brain,
left out on the wire. my past is perilous, but each scar i bear sings monuments to
where i have been and melodies to where i am going. you make me happy, you magnify my
better half. you make me certain, though all i have today is your photograph. need you
in front of me, saying my name, saying to me, "i want you the way you are."

o5. the broken family band | cocktail lounge
how low, how low must i sink, for you to want it again? like the night with the drink,
tequila and red wine, beer and vodka that tasted like gin but slipped down like tears.
i was not on my knees by accident. beer and vodka that tasted like gin but slipped down
like tears, i was not at your feet by accident.

o6. ani difranco | overlap
i search your profile for a translation, i study the conversation like a map. 'cause
i know there is strength in the differences between us, and i know there is comfort
where we overlap. come here, stand in front of the light, stand still so i can see your
silhouette. i hope you have got all night, 'cause i'm done looking yet. no, i'm not done
looking yet.

o7. howie day | collide
the dawn is breaking, a light shining through. you're barely waking and i'm tangled
up in you. i'm open, you're closed. where i follow, you'll go. even the best fall down
sometimes, even the wrong words seem to rhyme. out of the doubt that fills my mind, i
somehow find you and i collide. don't stop here, i lost my place, i'm close behind.
out of the doubt that fills your mind, you finally find you and i collide.

o8. the magnetic fields | nothing matters when we're dancing
dance with me my old friend, once before we go. let's pretend this song won't end and
we never have to go home. and we'll dance among the chandeliers. and nothing matters
when we're dancing, in tat or tatters you're entrancing. be we in paris or in lansing, nothing
matters when we're dancing.

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a/n: a winters/nix mix that's mainly nix!pov. it's a mellow, sweet, and partly melancholy mix, and i actually quite adore it. enjoy! (:

comments are love and appreciated greatly, as always!
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