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x-men first class - erik(/charles) - a boy with a coin

an erik(+charles) mix

o1 iron & wine [ boy with a coin ]
a boy with a coin he found in the weeds, with bullets
and pages of trade magazines. close to a car that flipped
on the turn, when god left the ground to circle the world.
a boy with a coin he crammed in his jeans, then making a
wish he tossed out in the sea. walked to a town that all
of us burn, when god left the ground to circle the world.

o2 the mountain goats [ maybe sprout wings ]
a bad dream shook me in my sleep, and i woke up sweating.
i clawed my way to the living room window, stood there in
the cold. the last bits of my dream like figures in the
distance, hard to hold. i thought of old friends, the ones
who'd gone missing. said all their names three times, phantoms
in the early dark, canaries in the mines. ghost and clouds,
and nameless things. squint your eyes and hope real hard,
maybe sprout wings.

o3 electric president [ ocean floor ]
it's hard to get a solid breath down here, my lungs are burning.
the pressure is as thick as my fear, but it's worth what i'm
learning. 'cause down in these depths i can see our history
unfurling. come, i'll show you what we've lost. there are worlds
beneath our world, and deep beneath the skin. we always peel back
the layers again. we peel the layers back again.

o4 emancipator [ wolf drawn ]
an instrumental.

o5 emiliana torrini [ telepathy ]
think of me very scientifically, share your thoughts with me.
send them over land and sea, they seep through the walls, echo
down abandoned halls, let me see your joy and fear. how can it
be we never see what we have until it's gone? why is it so we
never know what we have until it's gone? the more i try, all the
faster you'll slip by. so vaporize, slide to me like liquid ice,
i can see it in your eyes.

o6 redlight king [ built to last ]
i've been to a place so cold that it steals your soul. it takes more
than hope, it takes its toll. where the fine line begins and heroes
end, where the nay sayers pray, and the innocent sin. i've been beat
up and broken down, i may have walked through the worst in hell, my
friend, and we all got our reasons why. i've been to a place so dark
that it breaks your heart, the devil's teeth stay sharp and they leave
their mark. and everything you've built fucking falls apart.

o7 envy on the coast [ artist and repertoire ]
boys, please, dinner's on me tonight. i am the host and you're the
parasite. armed with nothing but a dotted line and big blue eyes
(don't come any nearer) ominous, so ominous of surprise. surprise,
i'm not who you thought i was. so load that barrel, boy. you better, boy.
you're as sleek as the words your speak, and now you riding on the
shoulders of the weak, i know you've go a habit. we're held as hostages,
blinded by appendages, and i swore i'd make amends for this. i swore i'd
make amends for this.

o8 emancipator [ anthem ]
an instrumental.

o9 the xx [ crystalised ]
you've applied the pressure to have me crystalised, and you've
got the faith that i could bring paradise. (i'll forgive and forget,
before i'm paralyzed. do i have to keep up the pace, to keep you
satisfied?) things have gotten closer to the sun, and i've done
things in small doses. so don't think i'm pushing you away. when
you're the one i've kept closest. (you don't move, taking steps
in my direction. the sound resounds, echo.) placid as i melt into
the sea, i've been down on my knees. things have gotten closer
to the sun.

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a/n: an erik!centric erik/charles mix! i honestly wasn't planning to do an x-men first class mix, but then i heard 'boy with a coin' and i literally just couldn't resist. i don't think there's much else i have to say about the mix, it speaks for itself. credit goes to rivlee for suggesting the lovely 6th track. (:

comments are love and appreciated greatly, as always!
Tags: - fandom; x-men first class, character; erik lensherr, pairing; charlesxerik
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