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the pacific - haldane/hillbilly - first day of my life

First Day of My Life, a Haldane/Hillbilly Mix

o1. the new pornographers, adventures in solitude
more than begin, but less than forget, spirits born from the
'not happened yet' gathering there, to pay off a debt brought
back from the wars. we thought we lost you, we thought we lost
you, we thought we lost you. welcome back.

o2. edward sharpe & the magnetic zeroes, black water
black water dripping down your face. guns and steels, and the
germs of love. toe to toe in the world of mud. guns and steel,
and the germs of love, blow for blow, for my aching heart.

o3. bright eyes, first day of my life
this is the first day of my life, swear i was born right in the
doorway. i went out in the rain, suddenly everything changed.
yours was the first face i that i saw, i think i was blind before
i met you. i realized how i need you, and i wondered if i could
come home. and you said, "this is first day of my life, glad i
didn't die before i met you, now i don't care, i could go any-
where with you, and i'd probably be happy."

o4. seabear, good morning scarecrow
an instrumental piece.

o5. bowerbirds, bur oak
and here's to my lover's hands and feet, they are the roots that
will weave through the floor. the candles light across the table,
and will burn at the tip of my pen, and lures the moths into the
kitchen to spin tales and bend truths through the evening. and
scribe for them their stories; we scribe for them their stories.
while they wax and wax of their lives in the country.

o6. as tall as lions, love love love (love love)
have i ever told you i think you're beautiful when you're
sleeping? i have faith you watch me in my slumber too. love's
not a grave, it won't decay on you. too many days i was afraid
of love, dreaming, picture that; a whole world in slumber. but
to my surprise, no reason why, one day i woke up and realized,
give it to me, love, i'll keep you in my focus with love and

o7. glen campbell, southern nights
southern nights, have you ever felt a southern night free as a
breeze? not the mention the trees, whistling tunes that you
know and love so. southern nights, just as good even when you
closed your eyes. feel so good, feel so good, it's frightening.
wish i could stop this world from fighting. southern skies, have
you ever noticed? its precious beauty lies just beyond the eyes, it
goes running through your soul.

o8. iron & wine, lean into the light
we're no better off than we were, we're no worse for trying. we'll
keep walking blind in the rain, and all the church bells chime in.
but we'll laugh as the tears roll from our eyes, laugh holding hands
and our knuckles white, laugh as we lean into the light. every welcome,
every goodbye, for every dark move our bodies make, we'll lean in
towards the light.

o9. seabear, hands remember
do you remember what things looked like when you were young? the
voice of an old friend, or the notes to your first song. lately i've been
feeling like the day has come, can't wait to feel brand new again, i
can't wait to meet you again, friend. i think i must have known you in
another life, i think our rocking chair used to rock together all night.
with pictures of owls, all over the walls, tiny ships in bottles, they
won't sail too far.

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a/n: made for pacificxchange for the prompt "Andy and Eddie surviving the war, eloping somewhere no one can find them, except obviously everyone does." and originally posted here. the mix starts off with a song that sets up the au of andy and eddie surviving ("we thought we lost you, welcome back") and then follows through the end of the war to span the rest of their peaceful lives. (:
Tags: - fandom; the pacific, pairing; haldanexhillbilly
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