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the black donnellys - jimmy/joanie - we will not grow old

a jimmy & joanie mix

o1 the darkness | ONE WAY TICKET
it was a dusty old night, and i'm the first to admit it. i'm sure i upset someone,
but my memory has chosen to omit it. the first line hit me like a kick in the face!
thought i better have another just in chase. next thing i knew my heart was under
attack, bought a one way ticket to hell and back!

o2 laura marling | MY MANIC AND I
he greets me with kisses when good days deceive him, and sometimes we're scorned and
sometimes i believe him. get scared and call him, but he's usually hazy. i'm sorry
young man, i cannot be your friend, i don't believe in a fairytale end. i don't keep
my head up all of the time, and i find it dull when my heart meets my mind. and i hardly
know you, i think i can tell. these are the reason i think that we're ill. my nilist,
my happy man, my manic and i have no plans to move on.

o3 regina spektor | HOTEL SONG
come in, come in, come into my world, i've got to show, show, show you. come into my
bed, i've got to know you. floaters in my eyes, wake up in a hotel room, cigarettes and
lies, it's too soon. a little bag of cocaine, a little bag of cocaine, so who's the girl
wearing my dress? i have dreams of orca whales and owls, but i wake up in fear.

o4 los campesinos! | WE ARE BEAUTIFUL, WE ARE DOOMED
all the characters are strangers and the pubs have different names. you said he got
his teeth fixed, i'm gonna break them! i've got a heart on fire. he said he's got his
sights set on getting to you, i've got a fist on fire! oh, we kid ourselves there's
a future in the fucking, but there is no fucking future! i'm just practising my
accents and picking at old sutures. and we are beautiful, we are doomed.

o5 sparkadia | JEALOUSY
i can't sleep, i can't eat, i can't leave 'til i have my peace. no more deals to
settle our scores, i won't hide, i won't go, become someone you used to know.
'cause there's a little bit of me in a little of you, don't deny what you know is true.
jealousy, look what it's done to you. look what it's done to me, jealousy. if you don't
leave it, you'll never be free of it. it will eat you up and spit you out.

o6 kate nash | DICKHEAD
why are you being a dickhead for. stop being a dickhead. why are you being a dickhead
for, you're just fucking up situations. shiny floor, slippery feet, lights are dim, my eyes
can't meet the reflection that turns my images upside down. will you stop, just have
a think before you - why are you being a dickhead for?

o7 everything | HOOCH
who got the hooch? who got the hooch? who got only the sweetest thing in the world. who
got the love, who got the fresh-e-freshy. the birds and bees will sing, the jams begin to
ring. the good vibes flow from me to you. let's get real, let's get heavy, 'til the water
breaks the levee. let's get loose, loose, who got the hooch?

o8 maria mena | YOU'RE THE ONLY ONE
then you stumbled around for a good ten minutes and i said i'd never seen anyone look so
dumb before, and you laughed and said "i still know how to turn you on though." you're the
only one who drags me kicking and screaming through fast dreams. you're the only one who
holds my hair back when i'm drunk and get sick. you're the only one who knows exactly what
i mean. well i saw you with your hands above your head, spinning around, trying not to look
down, but you did, and you fell, hard on the ground.

you and me will be lying side by side, forever, forever. underneath this adolescent sky,
together, together. i made you swear that our hearts will never die, no never, no never.
'cause no one seems to believe that we can fly. forget them, forget them, oh you told me.
oh, we've got a long, long way to go. but oh, if there's one thing that we know, it's that
we will not grow old.

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a/n: i had such a soft spot for joanie while watching the black donnellys, so i just had to make a mix for these two. it mostly has a sort of, hm, inconsequential and light sound to it and lyrics that are a bit darker if you read into them - which seems rather fitting for the combination of these two characters. enjoy!

comments are love and appreciated greatly, as always!
Tags: - fandom; the black donnellys, pairing; jimmyxjoanie
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