certain thrills stay tucked in your limbs (skylilies) wrote in colournoise,
certain thrills stay tucked in your limbs

themed mix - halloween - keys

KEYS | A Halloween Mix.

o1. AFI - Prelude 12/21
o2. Astronautalis - The Wondersmith and His Sons
o3. Stars - Write What You Know
o4. Tuung - Spoons
o5. The Doors - People Are Strange
o6. The Pierces - Sticks and Stones
o7. Yann Tiersen - Ghost Track
o8. Blue Foundation - Eyes on Fire
o9. The Antlers - Wake
1o. 3OH!3 - Dragon Backpack
11. Placebo - Protege Moi
12. Michael Jackson - Thriller
13. Miyavi - Onpu No Tegami
dl .rar here or listen on 8tracks
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