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band of brothers - harry welsh (+kitty) - skinned knees & gapped teeth

a harry welsh (+kitty) mix.

beans on toast | binge drinker
my glass is half full today, and that's a reason to get pissed!
i'll drink as much as i can drink and i'll end up in a mess! another
shot of stella in another english pub, a few shots of sambuca, and a
double rum and coke. well don't try to find me sober, don't try to work
this out, my wisdom's in a pint of beer and it's never running out!

rocky | yankee doodle

dear and the headlights | skinned knees & gapped teeth
was it a broken arm or collarbone? it depended on the week. and me
with my black eyes, stitched from head to feet, uncomfortably happy,
all skinned knees and gapped teeth. and all the hand-me-downs stuck
to me from all the blood i couldn't keep in, oh, such a likely scene,
10-year-old body face down on rosall street, my bike passed out on top
of me. remember how i swore i would pass you up in age, you just scoffed
at me. well i'm still gonna do it, just haven't quite figured out how yet.

the kooks | love it all
see i've got this woman here, she loves me all the time. no need for
excuses, no pressures in my mind. and she said, love it all! love it all!
love it all! and she said, love it all! love it all! love it all!

the beatles | when i'm sixty-four
when i get older, losing my hair many years from now, will you still be
sending me a valentine? birthday greetings, bottle of wine? if i'd been
out 'til quarter to three would you lock the door? will you still need me,
will you still feed me, when i'm sixty-four? you'll be older too, and if
you say the word, i could stay with you. i could be handy mending a fuse,
you can knit a sweater by the fireside.

lunasa | welcome home

tilly & the wall | love song
well, you walked into the room just like the sun and woke the caveman
from his endless slumber. and with the quickness of your arm, you pulled
out a paintbrush and you painted the sky back to blue. and now i'm standing
on top of dirty clothes, there's a tornado spinning in the corner, and
electricity flows from your hands to my bones and my flesh turns pink
with its warmth.

[bonus] mulan | girl worth fighting for
for a long time we've been marching off to battle. in a thundering herd,
we feel a lot like cattle! like a pounding beat our aching feet aren't
easy to ignore. -hey! think of instead a girl worth fighting for! yeah,
that's what i said, a girl worth fighting for!

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a/n: for skew_whiff! ...i really couldn't make a harry welsh mix without it ending up mostly being about harry and kitty because they are completely adorable so, um. enjoy? =D

comments are love and appreciated greatly, as always!
Tags: - fandom; band of brothers, character; harry welsh, pairing; harryxkitty
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