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the pacific - leckie/hoosier - skip the charades

SKIP THE CHARADES | a leckie/hoosier mix.

ONE. josh pyke | forever song
we sleep together while all around us, people kill each other where they lie.
the afternoon can bring with it shallow moods, but i'd jump a harbour wall to
clear your mind. and history tells us of worlds we know nothing of, oh, in the
future we trust, we cross our fingers like some kids telling lies. i want a song
i can sing forever, i don't care for structure, just to know it's mine.

TWO. cold war kids | skip the charades
you wait on letters, fishing for any sign of life. drinks after dinner, your
friends will get you to unwind. you dodged the bullet, you do your best when
you're busiest. you're disconnected, you can't find your name in the script.
let's skip the charades, you're seeing right through me anyway. can we just speak
plain? we're playing for the same team.

THREE. jason mraz | clockwatching
take off both your shoes and clothes, i'll follow. undo corkscrew, drink from
the half of a broken bottle. smoking often and calling out our guilty pleasures,
let's keep talking, anything to stop clock watching. i'm using my left-brain and
i'm righting all my wrongs, i'm yearning to turn you on. i've been working on
getting you off, so get on board.

FOUR. adele | my same
you say i'm stubborn and i never give, i think you're stubborn 'cept you're
always softening. you say i'm selfish, i agree with you on that. i think you're
giving out way too much in fact. favoritism ain't my thing but in this situation
i'll be glad to make an exception.

FIVE. kate nash | foundations
thursday night, everything's fine, except you've got that look in your eye
when i'm telling a story and you find it boring. you're thinking of something
to say. then i'll use that voice that you find annoyin' and say something like,
"yeah, intelligent input darlin', why don't you have another beer then?" you
said i must eat so many lemons 'cause i am so bitter, i said, "i'd rather be
with your friends, mate, 'cause they are much fitter."

SIX. diamond rings | it's not my party
we are grown up and that is good we're told, but when do grown-ups just become
plain old? born under punches and a real bad sign, like two for one for just a
dollar ninety-nine. and if you wanna throw a party, i can cry tonight. you would
cry too if it happened to you, right. i keep falling in and out of love with you,
i never loved anyone the way i do you.

SEVEN. everclear | so much for the afterglow
this is a song about everyday occurences that make me feel like letting go.
yes, i think we've got a problem. so much for the afterglow. we never talk
about the future, yeah. we never talk about the past anymore. we never ask
ourselves the questions to the answers that nobody ever wants to know. i
guess the honeymoon is over, so much for the afterglow.

EIGHT. dear and the headlights | midwestern dirt
i want to bury your face in midwestern dirt. and my next words could be my
last, my clumsy mouth and the egg shells cracked. just watch my love, some
impulse buy you couldn't take your eyes off of. some clean white slate for you
to fill in the blanks, then show me off. i'm sinking in deeper, midwestern dirt.
and you'll just stay forever above me now.

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a/n: for uniformly, hopefully it should give you some inspiration (: and this mix started because i heard 'forever song' and desperately wanted to use it for a pairing -- and then heard 'clockwatching' soon after and leckie/hoosier was cemented in my head. ...and then i thought of 'foundations,' and that completed the concept. i'm sorry for breaking them.

comments are love and appreciated greatly, as always!
Tags: - fandom; the pacific, pairing; leckiexhoosier
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