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certain thrills stay tucked in your limbs

sherlock bbc - sherlock holmes - dig your grave

           [a sherlock holmes mix]

o1o [oh no!] marina & the diamonds
don't do love, don't do friends,
one track mind, one track heart.
i know exactly why i walk and talk like a machine.

o2o [violin instrumental] ak beats
an instrumental track.

o3o [sans soleil] miike snow
the city was bringing me down
and my mind was on a ledge,
saying who's gonna help me now?

o4o [secrets] tuung
wood-cut discs that nobody sees
all these trap doors slip behind time,
drag like cans on string on your feet.
wonder when the secrets will stop,
lock your secrets inside a tree.

o5o [infra-red] placebo
one last thing before i shuffle off the planet,
i will be the one to make you crawl.
so i came down to wish you an unhappy birthday,
someone call the ambulance,
there's gonna be an accident.

o6o [dig your grave] modest mouse
"i really dig it
i hope you're dead."

o7o [crystalized] the gorillaz
things have gotten closer to the sun,
and i've done things in small doses.
so don't think that i'm pushing you away
when you're the one i've kept closest.
(i won't leave alive.)

o8o [love/crime] epik high
an instrumental track.

o9o [oceans. sand. trees.] epik high
an instrumental track.

o10 [he lied about death (metric remix)] stars
don't fuck with our lives!
can't fuck with our lives!

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a/n: for , since she's on a sherlock bbc kick. mixed for 'the reichenbach fall"' episode, so, spoiler warning. enjoy!

comments are love and appreciated greatly, as always!
Tags: - fandom; sherlock holmes bbc, character; sherlock holmes, pairing; sherlockxjohn
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