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fullmetal alchemist - izumi(+sig) - this woman's work

this woman's work | an izumi(+sig) minimix

o1. mushaboomfeist
helping the kids out of their coats, but wait the babies haven't been born,
unpacking the bags and setting up and planting lilacs and buttercups.
i got a man to stick it out, and make a home from a rented house. and we'll
collect the moments one by one, i guess that's how the future's done.

o2. this woman's work, kate bush
pray god you can cope, i stand outside this woman's work, this woman's world.
i should be crying but i just can't let it show, i should be hoping but
i can't stop thinking. i know you have a little life in you yet, i know you
have a lot of strength left. give these moments back, give them back to me.
give me that little kiss, give me your hand. oh darling, make it go away,
make it go away.

o3. spark, tori amos
she's convinced she could hold back a glacier, convinced she could hold
back sands of fire. but she couldn't keep baby alive, doubting if there's
a woman in there somewhere. (guilty, guilty.) if the divine master plan is
perfection, maybe next i'll give judas a try. 6.58 are you sure where is my spark?

o4. black balloon, the goo goo dolls
you're not thinking about tomorrow, 'cause you were the same as me,
but on your knees. a thousand other boys could never reach you,
how could i have been the one? i saw the world spin beneath you and scatter
like ice from the spoon that was your womb. comin' down the years turn over,
and angels fall without you there. and i'll go on to lead you home,
and i'll become what you became to me.

o5. warm whispers, missy higgins
your warm whispers, out of the dark they carry my heart. your warm whispers,
into the dawn they carry me through. and i'm weeping warm honey and milk,
you stay surrounding me, surrounding me. your warm whispers, letting me
drown in a pool of you. your warm whispers are keeping the noise from
breaking through.

o6. cardboard ladders, charlotte martin
ladders made of cardboard that i try to climb. up a slippery mountain
with no other side. 'cause all our days are numbered, round and round
we go in our own agendas, not recognizing gold. so tell me what good
will it be for a woman to gain the whole world and lose her soul?
i can't keep turning my back on the horizon. i can't keep turning my back.
(remember that i love you.)

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a/n: i wanted to make a mix that looks back on the darkest time in izumi's life -- so this mix is a bit dark, though it mostly focuses on izumi and sig's relationship and the support they gave to each other after their loss & izumi's struggles afterwards. [spoilers for izumi's backstory]
Tags: - fandom; fullmetal alchemist, character; izumi curtis, pairing; sigxizumi

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