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fullmetal alchemist - roy+ed - insubordinate

| a roy+ed mini-mix |

you're gonna go far kid
| the offspring |
show me how to lie, you're getting better all the time.
and turning all against one is an art that's hard to teach.
with a thousand lies and a good disguise, hit 'em right between the eyes.
when you walk away, nothing more to say, see the lightning in your eyes.
"nice work you did, you're gonna go far kid."

 the giant's drink 
| gatsby's american dream |
i just see a little baby boy who won't admit that he fucks up.
he's looking for the fire and fury that it takes to be a man,
but i just see a little baby boy throwing out the things i thought i
wanted to be. got a brand new face, so brittle that it's falling apart.
it's a brand new day, this time why don't we take it from scratch.
i've got a secret, and you've got a problem.

| n. e. r. d. |
every once in a while there is some asshole giving you shit 'cause
something in his life won't fold. every once in a while there's that
same asshole, and god knows what we'll unfurl either with or without his
girl. 'cause i browsed down, his fingers curled like it's his world.
(it's inevitable, it's going down!) i'm a thrasher! he's talking (fuck him up!)
at me, instead of to me! (fuck him up!)

| placebo |
if i could tear you from the ceiling and guarantee source divine.
rid you of possessions fleeting, freeze us both in time. if i could
tear you from the ceiling, i know the best have tried, i'd fill your every
breath with meaning and find a place we both could hide. you don't believe me,
but you do this everytime. i know we're broken. i know we're broken.

dark blue
| jack's mannequin |
i have you breathing down my neck, i don't, i don't know what you could
possibly expect under this condition. so i'll wait for the ambulance to come
pick us up off the floor, what did you possible expect? dark blue, dark blue,
have you ever been alone in a crowded room when i'm here with you? i said the
world could be burning and burning down. i said this world could be burning dark blue.

trust me
| the fray |
looking for something i've never seen, alone and i'm inbetween. i found a
friend or should i say a foe, said there's a few things you should know.
we're only taking turns holding this world, it's how it's always been.
if i say who i know it just goes to show you need me less than i need you,
take it from me, we don't give sympathy. you can trust me, trust nobody.
when you're older you will understand.

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a/n: this mix is meant to be about the dynamic between edward & mustang -- all though it can be flexibly interpreted, i didn't approach it from a romantic pov (because ed's underage through most of the series & mustang's in a power of position over him.) -- but more from the look at how, despite all the bickering and fighting, they (especially roy, who i believe hurts for edward and what he's been though, especially considering his own experience - this is how 'blind' got on the mix) really do respect each other -- and are quite similar, in their way. enjoy the mix, tell me your thoughts! (:

also, be warned, there's a lot of dropping of the f-bomb on this mix, so nsfw!
Tags: - fandom; fullmetal alchemist, pairing; royxed

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