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the pacific+band of brothers - snafu/liebgott - back of your hands

back of your wrists, a snafgott mix

brett detar | the devil's gotta earn
i hear everybody wishin' i was gone, everybody else is doin' everybody wrong.
well alright, i'm done hanging 'round here. i don't need no doctor to tell
me how i feel. so maybe i'm an angel and maybe i'm a thief, maybe i'm a beggar
that you walk by on the street. papa always warned me, "careful who you trust.
you got your soul, boy, and that's all you need to sing." it's alright, some
folks they never learn.

miike snow | black & blue
how long has it been, shall we get into it again? i won't waste your time with
my revelation, hello my friend, i see you're back again. hello mystery, don't
bother to explain. hey world, i'm tired of this black & blue, black & blue.
excuse our disgrace, we've not had time to paint the place. the dog is always
barking at the mailman.

the tallest man on earth | you're going back
i could roll you to hell, i could swim from your heavens, i could drive you
so safe, i could walk you to here. well now, you're going back, you're going back.
you said, "driver, please, don't go that fucking way." you said, "just let it go
away." you said, "just let it go." but you dry me to tears like i cry from your
laughter, when it's not for some sake, and the city's still dear.

eve 6 | bring the night on
i'm warning you that tonight is not the night for fights, lies white or otherwise.
my mood isn't better yet, sober and humorless, if you can't handle this, roll off
the mattress. i'm trying to let you know you're not just another, when you're under the
covers, i'm under your thumb. and you're the finest of specimens, leaving me breathless,
reeling and restless. putting me to the test.

bowerbirds | crooked lust
i was born a ghost, an apparation filled with holes and contradiction, and i fear
i'm the only one. i know it's careless, but, darling, you seem like you're fearless
and maybe you're my perfect fix. my conscience is an avalanche, majestic, bewildering,
and wholly careless. crooked lust, crooked lust.
metric | too little too late
you can burn your paper fingers in the ashtray. place your swollen lips on mine.
you can shave your heavy head in my carpeted hallway, sure for the first time you're
wearing the right clothes. now take them off, meet me on the rug, tie my right hand
to the ride. you can entertain your childhood friends with a tour of the bedroom, laugh
to erase the dirt on your mind. oh, let's move out, meet me at the motel. too little,
too late, but we don't say no.

passion pit | folds in your hands
leave me alone, leave me alone, i'm fine, i'll be fine until the morning comes.
oh let me go, just let me go, or i'll burst in front of your eyes then collect
myself from the ground. and when i go, just let me go, like a light flickering out
in the skies, lost as fast as was found. now i will hold you, i will keep you, i will
control my love. i will crush, i will maul, i will burn until i get to you.

astronautalis | trouble hunters
i know it's hopeless, hell ain't big enough to hold us back. come on let's pick
a fight, we hunt for trouble tonight. with our fingers dipped in blood, we hold
the rifles with a hangman's heart. with fingers frozen from tracking, and groping
and trapping, found the troubel and coupled. tell the devil we're coming right home
tonight, tonight.

beck | broken drum
i see you there, your eyes just stare, your mind is turning. you know i'll laugh,
and i won't take it back, i've seen your eyes, i know what you're thinking. and one
by one, we'll shoot our guns, we'll have fun, don't even doubt it. and when i say fare
thee well, my only friend, oh how the days go. i'll never forget you. never forget you.

rocky votolato | mix tapes/cell mates
i am a prisoner in the sunlight, you are my cellmate in the darkness. listening to the
songs can't heal my broken fingers, it's just weight for the anchor to keep your ship here.
that could have been me working behind that counter, on the curb there smoking. we're really
not that different just a few steps from exploding. you know this world is eating him alive,
but you just can't find the metaphor to describe the emptiness in the soft light.

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a/n: for awoken. this a bit of a sister mix to her snafgott mixes, and it uses a bit of the head!canon story/verse that those mixes have created in my head, including the idea of snafu and liebgott popping in and out of each other's lives. and ya'll know this pairing is pretty much my favorite crossover pairing, ever. so, enjoy! (fun fact, wrote this snippet of them to bring the night on on this mix.)

comments are love and appreciated greatly, as always!
Tags: - crossover, - fandom; band of brothers, - fandom; the pacific, pairing; snafuxliebgott
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